Curatorial Projects > Indefinitely: A Group Exhibition Exploring Eco-Justice (2011)

Stuart and Barbara Padnos Art Gallery, Grand Valley State University

Featuring the art of both current students and recent graduates, Indefinitely, was curated at GVSU in conjunction with Campus Sustainability Week 2011. As a curatorial framework for the exhibition I adopted a broad definition of sustainability: "the capacity for a given eco-system to flourish indefinitely". Participating artists were asked to identify and respond to any condition that seems to impede the continuation of robust life on Earth (e.g., environmental degradation, xenophobia, religious extremism, tribalism, racism, sexism, speciesism, etc.)

Participating Artists:
Oliver Aguilera
Dulcee Boehm
Lindsay Fisher
Ryan Harbin
Rachel Kauff
Stephanie McCarthy
Lissa Marques
Megan Oswalt
Jessica Pleyel
Michael Rajnicek
Carrie Schoenborn
Elizabeth Uitvlugt
Brian Westrick
Michael Wolf