BRETT COLLEY - Artist/Curator/Educator
Peoples' History Posters (2018 - present)We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality (cover art)SHOUT! (2018 - present)Dark Cloud (2011 - present)Finders/Keepers (2017)
Grand Rapids Art MuseumWith Apologies to the Future (2012 - present)Thinking with Our Teeth (2012 - present)Ishmael (2010)Michigan: Land of Riches (2010)MEET YOUR MEAT (2009)DIS-CONNECT (2010)Homage to Eisner: Ten Lessons the Arts Teach (2009)Flags (2008 - present)Revisioning America: Opt In Chicago (2006)
Weapons of Mass Deception (2000-2008)
Dissent (2005)Apocalyptic Apparations (1998-2001)Orphan Projects
Studio Work